ABOUT DAN aka D-Berg!

Who am i?

My name is Daniel Malmberg or most people call me D-Berg. Much to my shock with the entire internet as your playground, you are currently reading about me talking about myself!



My parents were both highly educated  and 'successful' in their professional fields. One being a high level business administrator & educator and the other a high level engineer. Both completed post-graduate university education and spole a plethora of languages. However from my eyes they were highly stressed not neccessarily fulfilled or satisfied with their careers. They seemed almost miserable in fact at times.

From their experiences I have learned to always pursue my passion and desires... With two major passions in high school I hold, one being (ancient) history and the other being sport. I went ahead and studied a Exercise Physiology degree were I learn't a bunch of how to maximise the physical training.... Along the way I also got into how to maximise performance through nutrition & especially psychology by learning as much as I can about about how to improve ones mindset, confidence & self-esteem. My biggest passion though is understanding what makes people tick. What makes the someone so driven, what makes them so determined for success. Do they move away from pain? Or towards pleasure. 



Simply put sport, physical training, good nutrition (and reading!) simply made me a better person.

It put me from weak and meek and made me strong & confident. It made me own my actions and help make interactions with friends and family for more enjoyable. It increased the quality of relationships in my life. It curbed some severe anxiety & depression I had when I was younger.

In essence, it completely changed my life.

And my passion is to pass this knowledge on to anyone who needs it.



For the last 10 years I have been in the constant pursuit of learning how to get fitter, faster, stronger, smarter and how to be an overall bad arse.

Now I do have a bunch of expensive and fancy degrees and certifications but the real experience comes from the hundreds upon hundreds of clients in the gym and online I have worked with to effect massive change and transformation in their lives.

from helping women lose over 20kg of fat (who was a shift worker too), rehabbing elite athletes from torn biceps and herniated discs to preparing the elite CrossFit athlete competing for the Pacific Regional Competition,. I have helped countless people get the most of themselves. I have helped teenagers use the barbell to find their way, doctors managing stress, teachers, students, lawyers, business owners, emergency services and entrepreneurs to build and shape their body that helped change their lives forever.... 

I’m passionate about helping people through performance coaching. Every client I coach, every post I write: I’m here to serve you and make your life better.

And while I am still always learning to get better with my craft every single day I know I am fucking good at what I do!






Passion for Performance