How to be authentically you.

In today’s age of social media and virtual existence people are not held to the same standards they were so long ago, so how do we stop creating these one dimensional cartoon characters, fake images and personas that we show to the world? We can do this by having impeccable honesty and integrity with our word and what we do….

An extremely unspoken idea, which should be spoken about a lot more, is not what we show but what we say…

DO you speak lies, even little white lies to yourself, others or lies of omission? DO you even speak a lie to please others or not to hurt them?

I know I have done and struggled with this in the past and I aim to eradicate this vice, these vices sounded like this…

I’m just on the way (while still in bed)

I’m gonna start this business (and don’t do anything)

I did this many reps in a workout (but really didn’t)

I can’t make it to an event because of work (but you really couldn’t be fucked). It’s a terrible habit that leads to bigger lies that we tell ourselves to build our image, we need to catch and eradicate this at the beginning so not to have it crumble around us in the future.

Because every time you do you create a lie within yourself you build up an image that soon begins to take a life different from your own, and even if no one else finds out, you know within yourself that you are not always to be believed.

You will build a house of cards that will soon devastate your ability to ever speak and act with conviction and self-belief; and eventually create an image that even you don’t know.

In the end it will always reveal itself, whether this is in your voice quivering, body language, eyes darting or your body flinching… the truth always finds a way to reveal itself, in the most unlikely of ways.

So be mindful of your words and actions if you ever want to have true conviction, integrity, trust and respect from others you need to have respect for yourself and always be honest. Even if in short term it may hurt you and others, the long term effects of the lies you build around yourself will crush your self-esteem and the image you spent so long building will decimate others trust within you.

SO respect yourself and others so that you can build a house of integrity that will be as STRONG as granite.


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