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Trusted sources and experts that shaped Ironberg

These are the expert coaches, scientists and mentors that have shaped IRONBERG into the powerhouse it is today

Power Athlete HQ

John Welbourn


John Welbourn a 10 year NFL veteran is one of the most instrumental and OG influences on me. He taught me extensively on the methodology in-building performance-based & explosive power athletes. He is a true performance whore and only cares about getting better.


Travis Jones


My mentor for how to run a business and create a mindset of performance. Travis was sensational to help instill in me confidence and steps to build Ironberg to another level.

PHD - Biolayne

Layne Norton


Layne was one of the most fundamental influences and game-changers for me when it comes to effective nutrition coaching for myself and my clients. He is no BS and completely science & evidenced-based. If you want to learn the in-depth mechanics of nutrition. Learn from him.

3D Muscle journey.

Eric Helms PHD.


It is a wizard when it comes to the deep science of everything strength and nutrition. His content has been game-changing for me to help truly transform the performance for my clients. He has a BS in fitness and wellness, an MS in exercise science, a second masters in sports nutrition, a PhD in strength and conditioning, and is a research fellow for AUT at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand. He is a true muscle nerd.

Muscle Nerds

Luke Leaman


A former protege of Charles Poliquin; Luke is a complete nerd when it comes to strength, hypertrophy, and nutrition. He is my most recent mentor and absolute nerd who loves Rick N Morty more than me.


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