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Individual Design Coaching

Ironberg Performance Individual Design Coaching:

VERY OWN COACH. Let experience, science and individual support get you to your goals.


There’s something special about the first day you open up your very own program. At first glance, it might look like any other workout you’ve done before, but it represents so much more. Every movement, from warmup to strength to conditioning, is there SPECIFICALLY to get you further toward your goals and support YOU TO YOUR individual needs. As you check off each piece and record your results, your coach is learning more and more how you move, think, and feel, ready to respond to make your program even more satisfying, more fun, and more effective than anything you’ve done before. IT is game changing.

If you’ve done group fitness or tried training solo and feel like you’re floundering, you’re not alone. That “something’s missing” feeling could look like burnout, boredom, not looking the way you want to, or a strength plateau. You may also be dealing with nagging injuries or particular weaknesses that make you dread certain movements. And no one ever asked you what you eat on a regular basis, or how your sleep, stress, hydration, and digestion are doing.

You don’t have to be a pro to have your own coach. Our athletes range from those who compete or train for a specific sport to those who just want to have energy and vitality for being with their families and enjoying life. Your program could involve training and testing your aerobic capacity at a variety of paces along with muscle endurance with a side of barbell complexes. Or it could involve a long walk in the sun, and hitting your hydration goal for the day – it all depends on what matters to you and what will move you forward.


  • Take the guesswork out of your programming by knowing exactly where you’re headed and what to do next to get to your potential.
  •  Be held accountable by your coach, who will motivate you and guide you to your peak self.
  • Get periodised nutritional protocols as well as support for sleep, stress, and overall health and well-being to maximize your training results.
  • Feel seen and understood as your coach reviews your results and checks in with you regularly
  • Enjoy an engaging, challenging program created specifically for you and your needs!


  • We start with a form to fill out  and then followed by a consultation to learn deeper about you, your background and set a foundation of trust, honesty and authenticity for our coaching relationship.
  • Do you understand what your goals, motivations and deep driving forces are? This will help drive you to continue training for years.
  • Lifestyle, nutrition, sleep and stress levels & overall habits. We want to know these fully. Training doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We’ll also cover any past injuries or current limitations.
  • Remote clients will be put through an assessment period for 1-3 weeks to learn about your unique movement patterns, your strengths and work capacity us, and what you can improve.
  • Clients find this a highly educational and beneficial part of the process, and our coaches also enjoy getting to know you during this in-depth experience. This is tremendous data for you and me as what we measure. We can manage and improve.
  • We’ll gather the data that goes into creating a fully customized program just for you, and your coach will be available for any questions that come up.
  • Your coach will provide your weekly program via TRUECOACH, which will have all your exercises, demo videos, and places to record your results and write down notes or questions – you’ll always know exactly what to do.
  • Your coach will also review your weekly results and videos and adjust your program accordingly – your program evolves with you and how you adapt.
  •  Every month, you’ll have a 45 minute consultation with your coach via Zoom (video conference) to review progress and videos, look at food journals, assess goals, and discuss ongoing expectations. If you are based in Sydney, Australia you may be able to come visit your coach for face to face catch-ups.
  • You’ll also get nutritional guidance based on your goals and support/bonuses from partners of Ironberg with supplementations and equipment suppliers.

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