Ironberg Performance started because I love helping people get powerfully strong: Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Ironberg is performance for the people (meaning you). The programming is strength and conditioning made simple, with a focus on the principles of training & nutrition to get you there.

No Bullshit. No Gimmicks. No Excuses. No Half Measures.

However this program will help you build into an absolute badass with a body and mind of pure GRANITE while having a soul that is solid as GOLD...

Myself, my crew and countless clients have all gone through this program.

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CrossFit Athlete

Sean 'The Sheep' Brickwood - Owner of Crossfit origin & crossfit games regional competitor 2015, 2016.

Dan’s programming & coaching is second to none when it comes to personalised, well thought out and structured sessions, not to mention the level of professionalism he delivers through this.

There aren’t many people smarter than Dan when it comes to knowing what the human body requires, especially higher caliber athletes, to reach their full potential.

With Dans assistance I was able to become a much more well rounded athlete, when I was lacking most specifically in strength he was able to help me pull myself up to a respectable level to be able to compete at a high level of CrossFit and not look like a complete pussy.

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School Teacher, CF Athlete (and overall legend).

Loren 'LozzyD' Dyga.

Ironberg has helped me to refocus my training. His programming has targeted my individual weaknesses and is helping me to build a solid strength base. His support and accountability has helped me tremendously and my training sessions are now far more meaningful and specific to my goals.


EVERY single one of them have seen mountainous results. If you are a male I truly believe every single one of you should squat at least 180kg and if you are a female you can squat 100kg +. And I mean a deep squat, ass way down. Not some shitty knee buckling half squat. And you will do this. with zero joint pain. I believe you should be able to do pull-ups for reps with no issue, to press your own bodyweight overhead and run 5km in 20min... I will also help you eat real food like a legend and create new thoughts in your head that will help you achieve things that you never thought were possible before.

To note: There are no shortcuts to the body you want. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. This initial 4 weeks will be the bedrock of your foundation. It will build your body and set you up for massive gains in body, mind and spirit... Begin your journey here so one day you to can have the kind of strength & body that makes men, women, children, domestic animals and Thor himself will stop and stare in awe.

Who this is for:

- If you are trained but are physically or mentally burned out from HIIT, CrossFit.

- If you are goal driven and mission focussed to get to your objective.

- If you want to fall back in love with training.

- If you have hit a wall and in strength and struggle to make progress in their training.

- You are a person who likes getting strong & powerful while staying healthy.

- If you want to get the guess work out and leave it to the experts.



Tactical Athlete & PT


I've been coached by Dan for nearly 2 years now.

In that time I have continually made steady gains across all my training whilst remaining injury free.

He understands my line of work and programs in a way that makes me perform better not only in the gym but doing my day to day duties at work.

Not only does his programming work, I enjoy it much more than a lot of other programming I have done in the past.

Voldemorts' Strength Numbers:

- 252.5kg Deadlift

- 200kg Backsquat

- 150kg Bench-Press

- 100kg Strict Press

- Ungodly sized back & biceps


Business Owner & Athlete

Corey Pitts: Owner of Plus Health & Performance.

One of the major factors for success in the Ironberg Performance programming has been TRUST. Encouraging our athletes to trust the process and be patient in order to see results and know that their coach’s knowledge and experience is leading them in the right direction. When working on certain repetitions and movements continuously or at different variations I have personally seen my athlete’s performance & excel in all areas, from work capacity to strength. After over a year of working with Ironberg Performance the style of programming has helped all my athletes bullet-proof their bodies and prime them for competition and life.

On a personal level not only following IronBerg programming has helped me overcome injuries and maintain good control of my body but Daniel Malmberg has also program a 6 week specific shoulder rehabilitation program for me, helping my rehabilitation with both my shoulders post injury and correcting my motor balance and overall performance.




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Ironberg Performance helped me dramatically increase my strength in a short amount of time, he got me ready for Army bootcamp in 6 week. I couldn’t squat a barbell at the start and now I squat 80kg for sets of 3 reps.
— Max N. Army Recruit