The mind is a powerful thing it is a wonderful servant, but can be a terrible master. As the Projection of your thoughts become the reality of your world, if left unchecked it will create pure chaos in your life.

For example If look for the negative you will find the negative. You search for the positive you will find the positive. In essence your mind will find what you are looking for. If you truly want a certain event to happen one must make the conscious decision to visualise what you want to manifest the desires.

In essence “Your world is nothing more than the thoughts you have about your experiences”.

Your world, your reality, is only determined by what you think about everything you experience in life. 

Now I am definitely a work in progress and lapses will happen but from where I was 10 years ago to where I am today. It is like a whole new life. Once I was so physically weak I couldn’t even stand up after falling down, do a single push-up or even dare hope to do a pull-up. Now I squat 200kg, do endless push-ups and pull-ups without a thought.

Once I was so extremely shy I’d piss myself trying to do a  school presentation in year 7. I was so unsure of myself I wouldn’t dare speak my true thoughts or share my quirkiness. It was like living a life completely constrained in a straight jacked and being thrown down a ice cold river. It was suffocation…. Now I easily coach groups of up to 50 people at once, do videos on social media without a second thought (well the first videos on social was fucking terrifying then you realise its all in your head and shit don’t matter)

And it was all because of the manifestation of my negative thoughts…  Then I picked up a book and watched a few videos and learned to simply think differently, you think better. Simple. Then you once you think better thoughts you act better. You act better your life transforms. But remember just like feeding your body, you must feed you mind with those thoughts otherwise you will atrophy once again. So feed your mind with quality thoughts, content & challenges like you would feed your body with quality nutrition and physical training.

So! the hot tip for the day to change shit around and have the life of your dreams:

Use autosuggestion to build an unshakable belief in yourself.

Autosuggestion is a psychological technique developed in the early 20th century.

Basically, it makes use of the Placebo effect by turning your goals into self-fulfilling prophecies through imprinting them in your subconscious.

Napoleon Hill from ‘Think & Grow Rich’ says a key trait of all successful people is this absolutely incredible, unshakable belief that they have about themselves and their goals. It’s not a result, more a necessary prerequisite, to become successful.

Read some books. Listen to audible. Take those lessons and take action. At least do something different to get different results.

As the definition of insanity is to do the same thing, over and over again and expect different results.


Some sources to help your mind like it did mine.



  • Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon His
  • 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem – Nathaniel Branden
  • The Power Of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale
  • King – Elliot Hulse
  • Tribe Of Mentors – Tim Ferris
  • Obstacle Is The Way – Ryan Holiday
  • Thinking Fast & Slow – Daniel Kahneman



  • Check out epic online courses like Udemy



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