“If it runs, swims or flies it is good to eat. If it has a mother, a face or soul then it is on the shopping list.”

When it comes to putting on lean muscle and shredding the fat, knowing WHAT to eat is as important as meal frequency and total calories. We will talk about the roles of your proteins, fats and carbs and how they can best serve you this week, so tune on in!

So what foods are paramount to creating bigger, stronger, more powerful humans who can make the almighty Thor himself blush with shyness you ask?

PROTEIN is the KEY and the centrepiece, the most vital part of the diet and will be the focal point of the majority of meals if your goal is performance, strength and a great physique. SIMPLY SAID, THEY ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL TEMPLE.

If you have watched my stories, posts or hung out with me for any amount of time.. You’d know that I am a great believer in that ‘Flesh builds flesh’ as Mr John Welbourn has said on numerous occasions.

In essence: 

“If it runs, swims or flies it is good to eat. If it has a mother, a face or soul then it is on the shopping list.”

This includes meat, fish, fowl, seafood, eggs and dairy.


PLEASE I KNOW YOU ARE IN UPROAR NOW BUT… NEVER FEAR… it is possible to slab on muscle mass and strength on a vegetarian or vegan diet… However it requires a dramatic increase of intense focus and smart planning to make it happen… It is akin to trying to date the 10 while you are a solid 5.. It can happen, but you gotta be smart and savvy. We will talk about strategies later this week 😉

How much protein you then ask?

To minimise the chance of your hard earned muscles fading away during cutting phases, and to maximise the increase of the diameter of your biceps, I would recommend a MINIMUM of 2.2 grams of protein per kilo of your bodyweight. So if you are 100kg Super hero of a human you need 220g of protein at least, so this would be 22-25% of your daily calories…

If body composition is your goal however, I would often suggest that pushing this to 33-40% of your total calories. That would be up to 375 grams of protein for this 100kg human. Remember as a guideline. 100 grams of your source is about 20-25 grams of protein, split it up through the day as best you can and you will reap the rewards.


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