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‘Ironberg is Swedish for ‘Iron Mountain’. We are the guide for individuals to reach the peak of their potential. Like the tip of an iceberg, the external physical appearance of an athlete is the manifestation of a great deal more under the surface.

Ironberg are professional and elite coaches in strength and conditioning with the mission to achieve unparalleled results through the power of science – creating unique protocols that balance the best methodologies in training, nutrition and mindset coaching for holistic life changing results..

A Coach of the Coaches and Trainer of trainers, Ironberg are the secret weapon of many elite athletes and professionals.

We combine science, expert knowledge of nutrition, experience and mindset coaching to deliver stand out results. ‘Ironberg’ embodies our philosophy.’

The knowledge extends well beyond the remixed flavours, fads and phases of the retail fitness industry. We understand the science of Strength & Conditioning as well as effective nutrition and positive mindset. We draw upon all these areas to achieve specific and effective results for our clients

About me

Hi! I am Daniel Malmberg or more commonly known as D-Berg or Coach_Berg. I am a highly experienced and elite professional performance coach & meathead scientist.

I have been coaching people from all walks of life for over 10 years from the junior sporting athlete in their teens, the regular guy or girl just starting out that want to build a beach body all the way to the elite athletes of the CrossFit Games competitors and Law Enforcement Tactical Athletes of Australia.

I am a straight up nerd and I am constantly learning and researching from the best of the best in the world of performance, health & fitness. This is due to my need to create the best practice possible with a holistic approach to getting results by combining science, expert knowledge of nutrition, personal experience, and mindset coaching to deliver standout results.

I am a nerd at heart and have a deep understanding of mindset, movement biomechanics, nutrition, and program design. I figure out the science for your strength and the formula for growth to your potential. I am an artist with my design of training combining the BEST elements of a wide range of fitness modalities to suit your training experience and preferred style for fast-tracked results.

“I know what it’s like to feel intimidated, to be the skinny, shy nerd and generally not knowing what to do and who lacks confidence. I know because that was me. The nerd in me has become the brains of progress.

I spend time exercising the mind as well as the body – researching, digesting and processing information to determine how things actually work and developing systems & programs that deliver”.


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