What you think you will become, you become… Actions are generated by thought your deeds speak for themselves but do you speak the right deeds into your mind. If you think you are weak you will continue to be weak, if you think you are strong you will be strong. The mental manifests into the physical so why not make that mental as strong as we wish to be, we do this by the simplest of ways…

Think Strong. Be Strong.

When a desire stems and attracts emotions that arise from deep within one’s belief, it attracts faith for a desire to come true, you must have faith that it is possible and that it will come true. When you truly have faith in a desire and believe it will come true, it begins to manifest in its physical self and in turn can become reality.

For example, those who believe they are not worthy of something such as athletic success, financial success, love or happiness, even on a subconscious level, those people often find themselves continuously in the same vicious cycle over and over again. If they are about to find success their self-limiting subconscious belief WILL stop them from getting what that they want, and they will manage to sabotage themselves to the outcome they believe in most.

This is because of our own deep existing beliefs and relationships within our own selves.

Our beliefs hold so much power over us that they will almost always come true, so if you want a desire to become a reality, believe in it and have faith that it will come true. You have to truly believe that you deserve what you desire and soon it could be yours. It is faith that makes desires come true. If you find it is hard for you to have faith, repeat affirmations which state that the desire will come true. Shit even I tell myself absurdly positive things all the time such as I am the strongest human alive, the sexiest, funniest, smartest etc. you’d think I am completely deranged and delusional… but trust me, if you only knew where I came from 7 years ago you would not recognise me.

So repeat in yourself what you really want…

If you keep repeating something, it will begin to sound true and soon enough the idea will not sound alien to you.

So once you begin to believe in yourself and that what you say can become true then YOU must take ACTION. MASSIVE ACTION as Mr Tony Robbins says. However! You can’t only just wish for it, you must be proactive in attaining it.

Make a plan and believe in the plan so then you can set sail and get what you want.

If you have the desire to get strong, shredded and sexy AF but have hit a wall and struggle to find the right steps and don’t want to spend the next 10 years fucking about running about in circles. Then I can help you… I can help you turn into an absolute badass with a body and mind of pure GRANITE while having a soul that is solid as GOLD…


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